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Polyol and Hardener

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  1. Propylene Imine Tri-Functional Polyaziridine

    It is added to water based acrylic emulsions or polyurethane dispersions as a cross-linker for textile and leather coatings, industrial coatings, inks,
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  2. Aromatic Polyisocyanate (TDI)

    It is used as the hardener component for fast-drying two-pack polyurethane coatings for the furniture industry.
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  3. Saturated Polyester Polyol

    : It is used to formulate highly flexible PU coatings in adhesives & foams, rubber and plastics and high-build flexible finishes. It is a solvent-free, medium-viscosity polyester polyol.
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  4. Aliphatic Blocked Polyisocyanate

    Imprafix 2794 is a waterbased aliphatic blocked polyisocyanate.Imprafix 2794 is crosslinker with improved reactivity and thermostability(yellowing).
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  5. Branched Polyester Polyol

    It is used alone or in combination with other polyols to formulate flexible two-pack PU coatings for wood finishing, plastics & vehicle, offers medium viscosity.
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  6. Epoxy Amine Hardener (Cycloaliphatic Diamine)

    It is mainly used to harden low-viscosity liquid epoxy resins for low-solvent or solvent free coatings, GRP & encapsulating compounds for the coatings,
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  7. Zinc Ammonium Crosslinking Agent

    Carbonic Acid, ammonium zinc salt (2:2:1) acts as crosslinking agent providing improved heat resistance & film hardness to all acrylic,
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  8. Linear Polyester Polyol

    It is used to manufacture soft feel lacquer in 1K (Grey, Matte) & 2K (Black) system in combination with Desmodur VL to formulate flexible solvent free sealers.
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  9. Aliphatic Polyamine Adduct

    Acts as a hydrophobic hardener. Can be used in combination with solid epoxy resin dispersions or emulsified liquid resins. When used with solid resin dispersions coatings for metallic substrates can be formulated with very good performance in humidity chamber and salt spray tests.
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